Certified cotton fabrics for children and adults

We manufacture all our materials with care for the highest quality standards. Thanks to this, each knitted fabric own the OEKO-TEX certificate. Why is this so important? Because it is the world’s leading textile safety mark. What does it mean? Our fabrics and other cotton materials for children and adults are free of harmful substances, including chlorophenols, formaldehyde or allergenic dyes.

The OEKO-TEX certificate means that we provide to you only the highest quality, carefully selected and safe cotton materials for children and adults. Thanks to them you will sew the most unique outfits – you will be limited only by the design or Your imagination. You can be sure that our certified knitted fabrics have been tested by the Textile Research Institute, which is the only one in Poland that performs tests and issues OEKO-TEX certificates. Check also the other attests and certificates that Fabryka Dzianin has.

Bet on safe cotton materials for children and adults! Choose certified knitted fabrics, checked by the Textile Research Institute.